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Why? Cos this is the game of my childhood!!!
I was waiting some kind of parody on this for quite long period of time!
Thank you man! Your parody made my day!
Newgounds need more Adevnture island parodies! I'm serious!

looks a bit simple than your previous works but i like the performance each of them!
Nice visualisation, animation and music choise - my 5/5 are belong to you again, Boogley )

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks again for your support, my good man!

Well...i think this kind of plot should be in Robot Chicken show )))
Kinda weird and roflmao scene )))

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I've been waitnig a pretty long time for the good enough parody on Crash )
I wish it were more parodies but there are not too much of them on NG.
Good graphic and animation, nice sound effects, not enough funny plot and that's why i give only 4/5 stars.

BTW - your another projects a way better and funny. keep it up, guys!

I love your experimental loops Boogley )

I see how much efforts you've put into the every character here for making it more and more smooth )

I really appreciate your style of animating )))

10/10 - efforts (attention in drawing and smoothnes)

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks man, you are a nice person with a nice face.

One planet to love as it is...

...one reason to be a jerk and ruin it within...

golfinho responds:

thanks pixel guy


Nice to hear Aphex Twin song "IZ-US" here )
Also qute not bad realisation of animation loop )
8/10 )

Carr77 responds:

Thanks! I love how you accidentally gave me 10/10 xD

No! But i have to fight with the parasites!

No Jhon....you are a parasite!

And then Jhon was a parasite as the his whole motherplanet....

P.S. - good idea and nice animations, guys )

That's right, motherfucker!

Ruin all their damn holidays around!!!
Let their bodies be burned of fire and be damaged of explosions!!!
Riun it as much as kids will remember it for years!!!


The grate idea, nice voice acting, nice story, good attraction of the characters.
Pretty good animation and it's maybe too stupid to give all ten because of medium skilled drawing and animation, but damn....i saw your efforts here. Here is my 10!
This is what you truely deserve )

Flashmaking stopped now. Check out my music channel please )

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