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What a lovely game for all Derpy fans )))
Game are so easy to get all achivements and even funny for the kids!!!
I'm so appreciated all efforts here - pretty good design, animation, funny soundtarck, voice cuts from series and of course idea for the game!
Awesome! 5/5!

Good Game!

Not perfect for me but good platformer action game....why?
The game isn't easy....that's true! I played in many other games on this site but this one - is the one of the hardest )
For me levels like "We Reach", "Six Six Six", "Blacklit", "My neighbor Satan", "No Touching" and "Civilized Worm" - seemed to be the challenging and easy, but very subborn to pass.

The game has an intersting story and characters. I like them? also music and sounds here too. Animation here doesn't need in discussing

Two things i really hate here:
1) Meatboy colour sometimes has the same brightness with level backgounds - it's a way too hard to watch him somtimes - or is this some kind of a game trick?
2) Why did jump button attached to the space button? Does the uparrow button is a very unfittable button for the easy control? I really misunderstand that kind of button using.

Other things is OK. Hope the Meatboy 2 will released soon )


Do you realize what you've done?
You've done logic/balanced action with maybe not perfect light/reflection effects but pretty simple animation with abstract and a few good-modelised objects and characters. Moreover it - you are recreate the good old 3D adventure game style like it was on many good game consoles like PS1. The 3D like in this style is a nostalgic for me. This game is a very good flashback.

That game made my morning! You said that ghost mode is very hard but it doesn't. The more hard in this game is to find every orb on the levels - i found only 13/15. Game is pretty intersting and simple expect that you've done this in flash. Bravo!!!



Qute good analog of the maybe popular game Shift ))
I like the way how sounds used here, also original music is good too))
I played this game all day long, got some medals and crate my own level )
Of course this game is very viral for many people here, cos i have a though now about my black letters of written review in orange box will fall down like gap monsters in your game ))))
Very good efforts you done guys here )))

Nutcasenightmare responds:

Thank you, and, mind the gap!

Very not bad game!

But one thing makes me angry every time - bad clumping of the character's legs to the boxes - it makes you always goes down.

But at all the game pretty good.
Gameplay melody is good but not the menu theme )

8/10 - not bad - really good game

Dude Awesome!

But i didn't find his popular phrases like "AAAASS" or "FUUUUUUU"
Also there is no "Beeee-17 Boooumber" and Main theme music. If it was there you'll get all 10/10. Now - only 8/10.
This soundboard are not bad, actually, you've collected many other phrases what is still good )

Oh lol!

Game about my country. How beartiful it is done )
I really hate the history of my country, but not my country at all )
really good and easy game to win )
Also nice things of Youtube poop and 4chan )
10/10 )


I love pixels since childhood )))
Very pretty quest game in old-school style.
I think in future will made something like this )
8/10 - cos really easy to understand what to do here )

Magical-Zorse responds:

You should make a pixel game too!

Very nice game!

I don't know how much time did you gys spend on this game - but everything is awesome - especially graphic and animation also the Contra ending makes me happy ^_^

Medals are really easy - at first i only got 3 of them - then i died and started again - open one new medal - in escaping from the cave i got down and got an alternative ending ^_^.

At least - i should to get other 4 medals - the trick helped me :

(When you download game and press on a "cross" in the right up corner in the flash options - click "play" and "press a" before AD doesn't appear - WOW - the frames of the game skipping - and i've got a 200 seconds medal without my physical force)

After that i finally escaped from the cave by my own hands and got a new medal.
Then in comments I found a secret medal and open the last - I've got a Golden Sword!!!

Exellent game, but very easy...
Keep it up guys - i really love this style of Cave of Wonders and your previous games ^_^

Hell yeah!!!

Sviborg forever!
Nice animation and gameplay! Keep it up!

Flashmaking stopped now. Check out my music channel please )

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