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Ludamage's News

Posted by Ludamage - May 14th, 2010

Nearly this time i have got a task to make a music video for a new musician Flamingo Pudding under one of his unreleased songs.
Check his first album right now:
http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Flamingo+Pu dding

Music video soon

Posted by Ludamage - April 26th, 2010

It's just an experimental style of music but i hope it'll not be worse )

New album X-dreadh Pyreadh

Posted by Ludamage - February 16th, 2010

Because my original account is banned of audio submittions (

My music account is here now

Posted by Ludamage - February 13th, 2010

I hope this day will disappered the some day.
It's very hard day of my life - hate it!
Goddamn - i've got a butthurt...also hate myself (

this day...again...duh...

Posted by Ludamage - February 8th, 2010

I made some of my experimental music samples and want to upload them to Newgrounds.
But i'm banned at audio portal because i uploaded one not my track long time ago.
And now i have my own music and want to share it )
Who of music portal's moderators or admins should i talk to unbann me?
Help me please )

Need help - Just want to ask you

Posted by Ludamage - January 21st, 2010

This information is not official.
MDG - the user of Twosim.org forum - is a real one person who have some frinedly connections with brothers Sandisons. As he said - new Boards of Canada album will appear in 2010 absolutly but what month of it he doesn't said.
The some kinda information was on Aphex Twin forum:
One simple clever user said:

"I met steve beckett at the warp 20 party in berlin this weekend and he said boc would be released very soon and aphex not as soon but also very soon

yes I know is not really news but at least its something"

Also has a rumor about name of the album - some people has a dicision that name of next album is "New Clear Down" but it's just a rumors.

Also another good news:

New LP album of Autechre "Oversteps" coming in 22 March on CD and 12''
Tracklist and album covers already exist )

Boards of Canada new album coming in 2010 year )

Posted by Ludamage - January 5th, 2010

I just wached the name of the video and OMFGHOLYGODINJESUSCRISEDLOLOLOL!!!!!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1VeUCR fNZY&feature=rec-r2-2f-1-HM

Posted by Ludamage - January 1st, 2010

I wish to everyone good stuff, movies, games and imagination of course at this year! )

Happy Twentyten, Newgrounders!

Posted by Ludamage - December 14th, 2009

I'm nearly that time realised that i banned on music submittions (It may happen by subbiting song not my creation) But now i have my own tracks and as i banned still - i can't upload them.
Help me to unbann please! (((

N00bie questions : #5. How to Unbann?

Posted by Ludamage - December 13th, 2009